Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Foodie's Heaven

I have been wanting to go to the new Downtown Market Hall in Grand Rapids since it opened Labor Day weekend. I have been waiting patiently though for Mallory to come home for Thanksgiving break so that we could go together.

The Market Hall is filled with wonderful vendors, many of them promoting local ingredients. There is a fishmonger, a baker, a butcher and the most heavenly cheesemonger. Our family LOVES cheese.

Mallory has turned into quite the "hipster foodie" now that she has an apartment and can cook for herself. Most college age kids are probably not making Zucchini Quiche or Potato Soup for supper, and  let's just say her favorite pastime is wandering the cooking and bakeware aisles of Target.

She and I have always enjoyed going to the Farmer's Market together in the summer. So it is only natural that this Market Hall is the Winter alternative.

Old World Olive Press
Is overflowing with flavored olive oils and balsamic vinegars. One of my favorite olive oils is the Tuscan Herb.

Sweetie-Licious Bake Shoppe
The owner focuses on simply fresh, completely homemade, seasonal ingredients to make her pies, and often goes back to old cookbooks to improve upon the recipes. 

Lunchtime was upon us, so we decided to try the taco place.

We both opted for the Shrimp Quesadillas.

Very yummy!

I couldn't resist getting a photo of these colorful glass bottles in their beverage case.

Where we were sitting for lunch had great side window light, so I took advantage of it to get some new photos of my girl.

Of course turn about is only fair.

After lunch it was time to make our purchases before heading to the mall for some "cute winter clothes" shopping.

We didn't need a lot, but the maple smoked salmon from Fish Lads was calling our name.

City Produce
These vegetables were begging to be photographed on our way out.

Then a Chai Latte from Simpatico for the wintery drive to the mall.

We will be back during the month long Christmas break, and now that we know what is here, we will plan some menus accordingly.


  1. Now I'm hungry! Your photos are so crisp and beautiful. Your daughter is gorgeous! Looks like you guys had a great day together.

  2. Wow this has left me feeling so hungry especially as it's almost lunch time here. What a fantastic selection of photos too and of course your girl is as beautiful as ever!

  3. Great place to visit not on an empty stomach though, love your portraits..

  4. Look like a wonderful market. What did you get? That first photo of Mallory is especially wonderful. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  5. the Downtown market hall had my memory flying over to Vancouver BC, and Granville Island and its market place and all the rest of the wonderful spots it contains. Impressed with M's kitchen skills. Fantastic photos of both of you!! Happy Thanksgiving to Paisley Rain Boots and company ;-)

  6. First, I'm so happy you got some quality time with your girl! Priceless! And she is so pretty; her photos are great. Then, the photography is as wonderful as ever. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Sarah - what a wonderful place to visit and your photos are just exquisite! It makes me want to go there. We have no place like that to shop anywhere near where I live. *** sigh *** Have a lovely Thanksgiving! And enjoy Mallory!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving Sarah. Glad your girl is home and you can enjoy time together! Love those beautiful photos of you smiling and laughing.

  9. The Downtown Market is a "must visit" for me too . . . Looks wonderful . . .
    Happy Thanksgiving Sarah . . . Enjoy more smiles together . . .

  10. My foodie husband would love this place. I recognize those bottles. I believe they are Mexican sodas. My son loves them so every now and then I buy him a couple. Enjoy Thanksgiving.

  11. What a fun day you two had! I don't think we have any Christmas markets around here! Love your captures of the day! Lovely photos of both of you!! Enjoy your holiday time together!

  12. I love how you spend so much time together! Such a special relationship! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  13. oh my goodness, that place looks like heaven! looks like you all had a wonderful afternoon!

  14. This market reminded me of one we saw while visiting Toronto in late Sept. The one there was called St Lawrence Market and a definite foodie's and cook's delight, and we are both.

  15. That is one very cool market. Brings back memories of a downtown market in Kansas City a few years ago. (Love the shot from above)


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