Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Scenes from the Market

Today is Wednesday, which means it is Farmer's Market day. I love Market I can not get enough fresh fruit and vegetables.

Here is my must have list for today:

small potatoes
cherry tomatoes

I didn't buy any cherries, but they look delicious

Lovely Sunflowers

My favorite herb vendor

The small potatoes I needed

Grape tomatoes, close enough to cherry tomatoes

rhubarb - always looks interesting just not sure what to do with it

My take home for today:

And the cookie...

The cookie was not as fun without Mallory, since this is our treat every week. But still worth getting. Chocolate cherry cookie and Madagascar Vanilla Rooibos tea from Light of Day Organics.


  1. Beautiful cheery photos I love Farmers Markets we have one in out town every Thursday.

  2. Sarah, thank you for your kind comment on my blog. Your photos of the farmer's market are lovely - it sounds like a perfect way to spend your morning. And the cookie was a perfect finish. :) I love the font on your blog!

  3. Lovely visit to the Farmers Market. Great story telling, too. AND, I LOVE your blog header. Great colors and shapes!

  4. super fun banner. met you in Reflecton of you.

  5. Loved the pictures of the Farmer's Market goodies. We are so lucky here in Berkeley, CA. We have a couple of Farmer's Markets each week and others in cities close by. The Saturday market is very close by so I can walk; just can't buy too much!


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