Tuesday, June 19, 2012

44 Things

Today I turned 44.

Since birthdays, just like New Year's are a kind of new start for the year, I came up with a list of 44 Things I would love to do in this year that I am 44. In no particular order.

1.  Watch a sunrise
2.  Watch a sunset
3.  Make a writing area for myself on our four season porch
4.  Enjoy a candlelight dinner with my husband
5.  Take more on-line photography classes
6.  Photograph old buildings
7.  Have more "date" outings
8.  Go away by myself for a couple of days to write and take pictures
9.  Visit a new winery
10. Start and finish our Alaska trip scrapbook
11. Walk in the rain
12. Visit all the Ottawa County Parks (I visited 12 out of the 26)
13. Use my new trekking poles a lot
14. Start using on-line banking
15. Set up more lunch dates with friends
16. Sign up with Maribeth for some personal training sessions
17. Do more self-portrait photography
18. Visit Mallory in Marquette
19. Do the Agawa Canyon Train Tour this fall
20. Drive the golf cart for my husband while he golfs
21. Walk hand in hand on the beach with my husband
22. Go on a picnic with my husband
23. Keep eating healthy
24. Read Wicked
25. Refinish a piece of furniture with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
26. Get an iPhone
27. Cook more recipes with shrimp
28. Tell my daughter everyday that "She is beautiful"!
29. Do another volunteer outing with nursing home residents
30. Collect and count all my pencils
31. Take a sewing class
32. Find a comfy couch for the porch
33. Turn the porch into our reading and writing retreat
34. Make more hand made cards
35. Lose 5 lbs.
36. Eat outside more
37. Take a train ride
38. Start having Matcha Smoothies everyday
39. Drive my dad's tractor
40. Simplify my wardrobe
41. Take a cooking class
42. Make my dad cookies
43. Plant an herb garden
44. Listen more to God, instead of talking ( I am still working on this one :)

I may not get everything accomplished on the list, but I am going to give it my best shot.


  1. This is so nice too! What is your plan for your blogs? Should I follow both?

    1. Naomi - I would like to find a way to connect with you. I loved your blog. The books part really got me interested, I love books and love to read.

  2. Happy birthday! wonderful list. I love what you are doing with 31 Things.

  3. Hope you had a wonderful birthday! I love this idea! Even though my b-day was last April, I think I'm going to make a list too!


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