Sunday, November 18, 2018

Road to Atticus

On my desk sits a photograph of two golden boys in the prime of their lives. I recently found this photograph in the storage room as I was sorting and purging. My heart paused when I saw it. It was probably put there when it became too painful to look at.

It was October 2014 when we lost the first golden boy. He was 12, old but not too old. I have never been able to fully write about his loss. October 11 marked two years since the loss of the last golden boy. He was only a couple months shy of 14, but he had been slowly slipping away for the last year of his life.

We have lived the last two years with a part-time dog, the grand dog Findley. Findley is the funniest, quirkiest dog you will ever meet, but he is also a geniune joy and blessing.

It took us these two years to heal, to spend some time without a dog, travel, not be tied down. We did all those things. Eventually the heart heals, the wanderlust dies down a bit, and being without isn't fun anymore. Born on October 8, 2018 was a new beginning.

Our new beginning will be coming home at the beginning of December. At first I thought we were crazy to get a puppy going into winter. Potty training, cold and snow didn't seem like a logical mix. But the more I thought about it...when am I home the most? When do I have the most time to devote to potty and all around training? Winter of course.

Then I worried about socialization. The new ideal is for your puppy to have contact with at least one hundred different people before they are sixteen weeks old. Where am I going to find 100 people in the winter? Our downtown of course, with its heated sidewalks. What a great place to walk, get use to different sounds and a wide variety of people and dogs.  Who can resist talking to and petting a puppy?

The first two golden boys were only six months apart, and we took them on many adventures as a family, but two young dogs and me alone didn't go that well. After the loss of the first golden, I was able to take Scout on some day adventures with me, we had such great times. My one regret was that we didn't get to do more before it became too hard for his back legs to keep up. I have many adventures planned for our new boy, so he better like the car. We have places to go and things to explore.

We don't know yet which little golden boy will be ours, there are three boys in the litter. The breeder matches based on what we are looking for, and the personality of the puppy. She has been doing this a long time, so she knows what she is doing. Although...Mallory did ask for a gentle old soul...

Well...He may not be what she asked for, but he is exactly what she needed.

Still, it's hard not to have a favorite. Whoever our new beginning is, his name is Atticus.


  1. Goose bumps and tears . . .
    How very wonderful.
    Some things we know, somethings we don’t know . . .
    When we know . . . we really know.
    Atticus is waiting . . .

  2. Awwww, they are all so adorable and I am truly excited for you. We got our first labrador retreiver in the winter; potty training wasn't terrible. Unfortunately, we were living in a new house that did not yet have a patio, so you can imagine how many muddy paw prints I had on my kitchen floor, that spring. Oh well, it all worked out. It took us several years after losing our first dog before getting Chessie (although we were mentally ready before) - and I'm so glad we did. She is good natured and puts up with being bundled into the car for our frequent trips to and from Vermont.

    I am very much looking forward to photos and stories of Atticus!

  3. So happy for you! When I stop traveling I can’t wait to get another love in my life still feels a bit like infidelity to me though!

  4. I had goose bumps,too. Just reading your words brought back memories of the dogs who shared our life, long gone and sadly never replaced. There was always a reason... we worked and couldn't be home for puppy (and potty) training, and we traveled a lot. And although I think I'm more of a cat person, I miss the companionship of a dog. I love your photograph of the pile of puppies, each a different shade of gold. Nothing tugs at the heart strings quite like a puppy. I look forward to your stories of a new dog in your life.

  5. Wonderful and touching story! I'll be looking forward to post about you and Atticus' adventures!

  6. So happy for you all! Once you love a Golden (or two) you will always need them in your life and although you will still love and remember Riley and Scout, Atticus will steal your heart!

  7. How can anyone resist so much cuteness?
    Golden Retrievers are such gentle souls, and I can easily understand why you want one again. You were very wise to give yourself a good time for grieving after you lost the others. I think 12 and 14 is a pretty good age for a golden. And what a splendid name you have chosen (it seems to be natural though after having a dog named Scout...)! I wish you much happiness with your new companion and do look forward to photos and stories.


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