Sunday, October 21, 2018


Coming home from a great vacation is always hard. You just don't understand how on vacation you were content with three pairs of pants and five tops that you mixed and matched throughout the week. But when you get home and see your closet full of clothes you feel overwhelmed, and that you have nothing to wear. You long for that small pine armoire at the rental house that wasn't even a third full with your clothes. Or, at least that's what I long for.

I always come home from vacations, specifically, vacations from northern Michigan with a resolve to declutter and only keep things that bring me joy. Yes, I have read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy by Marie Kondo a few times.

Usually though, by the end of the first week home from vacation, that resolve has flown out the window. There are too many things on the daily to-do list and not enough time to do even half of them. With winter just around the corner here in Michigan, time seems shorter than ever. There is yard work to be completed before the snow flies, and some other big projects that need to be finished by the beginning of December.

Still, I am going to try to do some decluttering. One of the big projects is painting and organizing my soon-to-be reclaimed studio aka small spare bedroom. It has been apple green and lilac purple for 14 years, it needs to be simply white. Then, maybe I will use the room for more than storage.  Also, we are making Mallory's old bedroom into a guest room, so when she and Fin sleep over they don't have to sleep on a mattress on the floor. The good thing is, with both of these rooms, decluttering will happen because it has to.

Enough about the drudgery of being home. I will take you on a quick tour of the perfect autumn in Northern Michigan.

The weather certainly ran the gamut while we were there. We had temperatures in the upper 70's to daytime temps. of only 39 degrees. We had bright sun, fog, moody gray skies, and even some white snow/rain stuff.

We spent our mornings hiking. We revisited some favorite trails, and took a chance on a couple new-to-us ones. One of which has become my new favorite.

Usually lunch was at quaint local places.

Afternoons were spent at a couple wineries savoring a glass of wine and enjoying the view.

We only shot with the big cameras one morning because hiking in the woods is much easier with a pocket-size camera. Plus, Glen loves Instagram.  He has complete control when he shoots with his phone. Although, I end up in way more photos and stories that I would like.

It is so hard to leave this place. Maybe a pine armoire with three pairs of pants and five tops is a pretty good life.


  1. OH MY . . .
    Your photos are just plain spot on lovely perfect . . .
    They echo the beauty of SIMPLICITY . . .
    Aren’t Best Days much more enjoyable than decluttering!

  2. My new word for 2019 is "mindfulness" and simplicity fits perfect within the energy "mindfulness" carries with it, I love your photos and like Lynne said they "echo the beauty of SIMPLICITY" just lovely, and by the way, I also have that book but I haven't finished reading it, so all my clutter is still clutter LOL

  3. Oh, you have know idea how much I enjoyed your post. I was born in South Bend, Indiana and raised in Michigan City and as a child we would load up our 1955 Chevy station-wagon with picnic goodies and drive the roads of Michigan. This time of the year I always get homesick for the colorful Midwest. Thanks for allowing me to tag along with you through this beautiful state.
    Connie :)

  4. Beautiful pictures and a worthy goal of declutter. I am feeling the urge at the moment but, unfortunately, it may be gone by the time I leave work and make it home.

  5. Beautiful captures of some very beautiful country! I long for a simplier life, too! Maybe we'll get there some day!

  6. Beautiful scenery and captures of it!

  7. Such a beautiful place. I love your edits. Coming home from vacation somehow does let me see my house with a new perspective, maybe seeing what I usually overlook... Decluttering is a great winter project. I actually just gave away 40 books, but I do have much more to go through...

  8. Beautiful picture. I also came back from a 10 days long vacation.
    I've just found your blog.

    Please visit:

  9. Oh those photos - Sarah, I love the moody atmosphere in them. So beautiful - you did some really interesting editing.
    I share your thoughts about coming back from vacations. I'm constantly decluttering, but I do feel that I don't get anywhere, really. Plus, I'm married to a packrat which makes it more difficult. So I work in my own space and try to get that clean and decluttered... not easy either.
    What kinds of wines (grapes) are grown in Michigan? I wonder whether they are closer to the wines in Germany.

  10. Beautiful photos! You captured some magic, there. Decluttering - yes! I read the mag ic tidying and combined it with some advice from The Curated Closet, and have been experimenting with wearing only approximately 45 items. It’s been working extremely well - even with needing professional clothes for work. I’m a little stalled right now, but intend to soldier on. I’m glad you had an awesome week, and I enjoy Glen’s photos and stories! :-)

  11. What a beautiful, beautiful place. I've always wanted to explore the Upper Peninsula, and know I'll do it one of these days. I understand your feelings about returning home after vacation. There's something so free about a road trip, living out of your suitcase, free to follow your nose. Coming home can be wonderful, and a little restrictive. I've read a lot of journal entries lately about decluttering, it seems to be a common thing right now. It's something I try to focus on come winter... something about getting my home ready for hibernation? Not sure, but I'm enjoying it. "Real Life Organizing" has been so helpful.


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