Sunday, July 22, 2018


"The dream of my life is to lie down by a slow river and stare at the light in the trees."
                                                                                                             ~ Mary Oliver

I didn't intentionally plan to start again, but I also never intentionally finished either.

Back in an early June post titled Summer Projects, I talked about my creative plans for June and for the summer. One being a film project, and one being a photography  project. Both were fun for the month of June. I did complete 30 days of filming, but have yet to finish editing the film. I am not too worried, I know I will get it done.

The other project, a summer long project - Abandoned Artifacts - was/is to be shot mostly at the beach, documenting the stuff people leave behind.  Mateless flip flops have been at the top of the "lost" list, but there has also been a stroller, a broken shade tent, a whole pan of watermelon pieces, and a pair of men's GAP brand underwear. But what pushed me to take a break for a while was a whole Fourth of July feast abandoned along the boardwalk, I know it was abandoned because I found it the next morning at 7 a.m. It became the seagulls feast.

Abandoned Artifacts became just plain trash left by people that don't give a s**t. It became too depressing. I had to find someplace new to walk for a while. I needed to find beauty and joy.

I returned a couple times to the meadow where I shot last summer's Meadow Project. It felt good to be back photographing wildflowers in the early morning light. But something was still missing. I wanted more sunrise without the barrier of large pine trees, I became a bit addicted to sunrises last year. So, I moved to a new meadow, one that is completely open to the rising sun.

This meadow takes more commit from me to get the shots I want. It is probably a twenty minute drive from my house. With sunrise at 6:22 a.m., I am leaving before six o'clock. Thankfully at that time of the morning there is very little traffic. I need to monitor the weather conditions: clear or cloudy skies, temperatures (cool nights create lovely ground mist). I must remember to pack the bug spray (mosquitoes are plentiful), and pack the rain boots for the dewey grass.

This meadow has a long winding paved path, no nice little circular loop like the other meadow. I won't shoot without my tripod, so that means carrying it or putting it in the holder on my back pack.

Last year's meadow was the beginning, this year's meadow is the middle. I am kind of hoping I stay in the middle for a while, that's where all the good stuff is.

I will go back to the beach and the trash abandoned artifacts, but I might spend the rest of July playing in the meadow.


  1. The meadow pics made my heart so happy.

  2. Beautiful in image and word . . .
    Men’s gap unders . . . not so much . . .
    Leaving trash, tossing . . . we the people gotta get a handle on it . . .

  3. Beautiful lighting and beautiful photography, Sarah!

  4. I love the meadow pictures, Sarah... such a serene place. It's always special to find spider webs lit by the sun!

  5. I know what you mean about the abandoned artifacts. I had intended to join, but found mostly trash. Your description of the abandoned dinner reminded me of a scene in Mad Men, where the family went for a picnic and when they were done, they shook off all the trash from their picnic blanket. I remember feeling shocked and appalled. I do wonder about those underwear, though...

    Your photos of the meadow are beautiful - the light softly filtering through the flowers. While I love the flowers in silhouette, the last two are my favorite, where just a little color begins to appear. And I have to agree with Mary Oliver, too. Lying by a river gazing through the trees sounds heavenly (and maybe a little buggy in my neck of the woods)

  6. You are so good at finding the light, Sarah. Lovely photos.

  7. I am loving your meadow pictures. Such wonderful captures of subject and light. The draping of the spider web is eerily beautiful.

  8. Lovely Meadow shots, especially the web. - It never ceases to amaze me how totally disrespectful people can be. Sad but true.

  9. Sarah, every one of your images are breathtaking. Nothing is so beautiful as morning light. I admire your effort to get out early and share this beauty with us! I can see where the beach trash would become depressing! You've certainly found a lovely place to fill your heart with joy!

  10. Your photos are worth the effort! Fantastic.

  11. Stunning, stunning photos! Our 'meadows' are quite bare this year due to no rain. Even the weeds are few and far between. I miss early shooting. You've inspired me to at least go look for something.

  12. Playing in the meadow seemed like a good idea because the outcome - your photos - are so very beautiful and reflect the mystery and peace of early mornings.
    I have tried the abandoned artifacts project and then stopped quickly because of all the trash I found. It was depressing. At least it motivated me to pick up the trash and bring it to the nearest garbage bin, but still...

  13. I am impressed. I have been impressed and inspired by your dedication to your craft for a long time. Due to life's commitments I too often put aside my creative nature to just "get it done"-- the wash, meal prep and clean up, the yard, the house, driving someone somewhere. But this summer I'm taking a photo class and I had to pick up that camera. And today for the first time in a long time looked at your photos again. Thank you for continuing the walk; for inspiration; for putting yourself out there.

    1. I definitely think there are seasons of life. But sometimes what we do for us, has to be as important as what we do for others, even if it is only 10 minutes a day. I am thrilled that you have picked up your camera again and are taking a class this summer. My sincere hope for you is that you carry this into the fall and beyond. Thank you for the kind words. I am always inspired when I know I inspire someone else.


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