Sunday, April 15, 2018

Endless Winter

I tend to be a glass half-full kind of person. But, lately even my rose-colored glasses have begun to slip. Here we are almost a month into spring, and the number of days I have not had to wear my winter coat is exactly one.

Granted, the last time I had to snowblow the driveway was in February, but still each week there is another white reminder of the season past. Either flakes in the air or a coating on the ground. At this point, if I could just take a walk without wearing my mittens I would be really happy.

I think this weariness of white made me choose my #the100dayproject prematurely. Every April the organized project starts (you can read about it here). I have declared a project each year since 2015, but only completed one. Failure never stops me from trying again. This year's project was to be #100daysofcolorhunting and I made it ten days before I grew weary of it.

So what about the other ninety days? Well...what I should have done in the first place is declared I was doing a project, but then let it evolve in its own time. I thought I wanted color, but I didn't ask myself the right question...that question should have been: What do I want to learn?

On the eleventh day while walking at the beach, I realized that yes I desperately need color in my life, but I want to learn more about filmmaking, and in particular filmmaking with my iPhone. What held me back from declaring this project in the first place is knowing I can not produce a film every single day. But I can shoot clips everyday, and some days I can put them into a 15-30 second film, and some days all I can do is share one quick clip, and that's ok.

I have been experimenting with an app FILMic Pro that gives me so much more control than the native camera. I want to learn that app. There is also an app Lumafusion for editing that I want to learn, but for the moment things will remain edited in iMovie. No point in overwhelming myself, one step at a time.

So the revised project is #100daysofmorningscenes. I am a morning person, that is when I am most creative. Just like my 365 Project, where I can look back and see where I have been in the last year. It will be fun to look back at these 100 days and see what my mornings have been filled with.


  1. It will be fun to look back at these 100 days and see what my mornings have been filled with.


  2. Oh the 100 day project + the learning about film-making both sound fantastic. I decided on a photo of a daily mindful moment each day. So far, so good... but not sure I'll make it to 100. Will keep going until it's not fun anymore, so maybe I'll go longer than 100 - who knows? Your photography is beautiful. I love the light in that second pic. Elisa xx

  3. Nice shots of your "endless winter". I especially love the butterflies! I'm very much a morning person too and much of my photography is taken at that time of the day.
    Have a lovely Sunday!

  4. Well . . .
    A few things . . .
    I think you know I am a fan of yours . . .
    Love seeing your photography . . .
    and love reading your words, thoughts, musings . . .
    Love the book, tea, morning photo . . . the soft colored tartan . . .
    You have me at curious . . . what is the book title . . .
    I awakened early, not a surprise, I was asleep early the night before . . .
    I heard wind, dripping, crinkling, icy sounding . . . it is white out . . . again . . .
    I hope it doesn’t move south . . . need I say more . . .
    100DayProjects . . . wish I was one who could stay with a one month project . . .
    Setting myself up for failure is something I am working on avoiding . . .
    (Not sure if that last sentence makes sense to me, let alone . . . you.)
    I am however . . . looking forward to your 100 day morning views . . .
    And maybe there will be some color . . .
    Carry on . . . my friend . . .

  5. Endless winter... sigh. It's a great season, but so is watching the world wake up to brilliant greens and flowering trees. You have freezing temps, we have days and weeks of rain. But your images are lovely in spite of the weather, and you inspire me to pull on the Boggs and a slicker, and get outside to see what my camera will find.

  6. I could use some color right now, too! It's awesome that you took that pause to ask yourself what you want to learn and revised your project to fit. Much better to keep learning than finish a project you find isn't fulfilling your need, just for the sake of finishing. I will look forward to seeing what you find each morning!

  7. This sounds like a great project, Sarah.
    Morning are my best time also. I just love being out there each morning and being able to see the sun rise. It makes every day have a good start.

    Your spring, or lack thereof sounds just like here in NY. It's been really quite awful. The snow and cold (in April!) is one thing, but the total lack of sunshine has been the hardest to take. Hopefully it will change REAL soon.

    Have a great week ahead!

  8. Your revised project is a great idea. I find the mornings to be the best time to be creative. It seems by midday it is hard to stop what I am doing and get in that creative mode. Color would be good at this point in spring. We have had a few daffodils and leaves are emerging, but seeing the sun and a little more color would be nice. The light in your bench picture is gorgeous. Have a great week!

  9. I admire you for not getting discouraged when projects don't exactly work out as planned. You're very adaptable and that leads to good things! I'll be looking forward to your video discoveries. I totally agree with your getting discouraged waiting for spring! I can't imagine such long winters!

  10. There is absolutely nothing wrong in abandoning a project when you realize it doesn't serve the purpose you wished for, or change it - like you did. Isn't it lovely that we have the choice and it really is up to us to decide what to do?
    I hope so much for you that you will finally get spring. I'm tired of wearing jeans all the time, which sounds like whining compared to you being tired of wearing the winter coat. I can't blame you. I remember those feelings back when I lived in Germany, and I can't say that I miss it.

  11. Yay, I think spring has finally sprung here. I even had some warm days when in Michigan last week. But no flowering trees there yet, we are full of them here.

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