Tuesday, September 6, 2016


I pulled into the parking lot just as the golden light crept over the edge of the horizon.

I had discovered this sparkling jewel of a park this past spring while participating in an eight-week group walking program. I had explored the lower half of this park in years past, in the autumn and winter months. Always avoiding the warm summer months, certain that a large snake was lurking somewhere in the mown grassy paths waiting to slither across my foot and up my pant leg. The upper part of this park, where I was now, had installed wide, paved paths in the last couple of years. So much easier to spot a snake without the hinderance of grass.

Climbing out of the car, I reached into the back seat to unzip my camera bag. It had been so long since I had been out shooting landscapes with my big camera. I knew my camera bag contained my camera, which might seem obvious, but trust me I have unzipped that bag before to discover than I had left my camera sitting on my desk at home. I also knew there was a picture card in the camera, that has been forgotten before too, and I had an extra battery, just in case. 

What I hadn't given any consideration to was what lenses were in my bag. As I unzipped my bag, I remembered the last time I had used my camera was a few weeks before when I had done some head shots for a friend of mine at her house. There were not going to be any wide-angle, landscape loving lenses in that bag.

Just the day before I had watched a youtube video by David duChemin on Seeing More Creatively in your photography by embracing constraints. Pick one lens and shoot with it for the whole day. So I searched through my bag and settled on the 55-250mm telephoto lens. I have no idea why that lens was even in the bag, it definitely wasn't for the head shots, and it is probably one of my least used lenses.

My photography has run into so many constraints this summer; the heat and humidity, too much sun, not enough time, there is never enough time. I decided to finally embrace a constraint and see what this challenge could bring me. I put the 55-250mm lens on my camera and set off down the wide, paved, snake-free path.

What constraints have you been dealing with lately?


  1. The only constraints I know anything about would be LIFE . . .
    And I am adjusting . . .
    I do enjoy what you see and click/snap/take . . .
    Nice . . .

  2. Oh my, these are breathtaking! You did well! Constraints? Heat and humidity! I have the time, I have the want to, just can't take the heat! But, maybe a couple of more weeks and things will be better. There was one little problem last week when I went on a history tour of an old house. Turned on the camera and flashing right before my eyes was the words. NO CARD! Yep, it was still in the computer. Thankfully, I always stick my small point and shoot camera in my pocket. It once again saved the day! When will I ever learn??

  3. Beautiful photos, Sarah, and gorgeous light! I will never forget the time I met my friend Susan for a photoshoot after work and discovered my camera wasn't in my bag. So frustrating - and embarrassing! But that was the first time I really tried out my iPhone camera, and it turned out to be one of my favorite photoshoots ever. The moral is: be prepared but have a backup plan! And yeah, constraints can be a blessing in disguise if I just relax and lean into it.

  4. I don't do well with heat and humidity either. It just zaps everything out of me. So glad you were able to get out get some lovely images.

  5. Your photo's with that lens came out wonderful...the haze is quite nice...you have a knack for getting that just right.

  6. Gorgeous images of nature. I love the one with lots of negative space but the light in all them is amazing!

  7. You really captured the light in these shots beautifully!

  8. My ever constant constraint...TIME!
    You did a beautiful job with this constraint, Sarah, and you sure had some gorgeous light to work with.
    Wishing you a wonderful week!

  9. You really caught some beautiful light with your 55-250mm lens! I agree about putting one camera lens on the camera and working with that for up to a week. The results can be quite astonishing! I especially love your fourth shot down! Beautiful simplicity!
    It's still very hot here despite September trying to come in!

  10. You may have dealing with constraints, but your photographs are breathtaking! Thank you for sharing! Hugs! Bonnie

  11. Well...computer problems for one! arg! You seem to have overcome your constraint...these are lovely shots!!

  12. There is never enough time! I am glad you made time to take these beautiful images. I love shooting into the light, it makes everything seem so magical. :)


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