Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August Was...

August was... filled with adventures, discoveries, learning and photography.

August was the first month this year that I started the month with the intention of being devoted entirely to photography, no writing classes in sight.

August began with the start of my 365 day self-portraiture photography project.

It began strong. I carefully plotted out the set-up everyday using the prompts from Susannah Conway's August Break.

Just as her husband suspected, she spent her afternoons sunbathing, sipping lemonade with lime and eating bonbons. Word prompt is: Citrus

Somewhere, between day three and day four, something shifted. I realized I was developing a character for my self-portraits. I started writing short stories in the third person that went with the scene I was photographing. I was creating short story vignettes, and I totally fell in love with this new creative process.

No matter how many times she stepped on the scale, the numbers remained the same. Word Prompt is: Numbers

Now things couldn't keep sailing along so easily could they? Something had to cause a problem that I would need to solve. I keep reminding myself, this is why I love photography, it is a constant challenge.

It is a sweet delight to spend Wednesday mornings with her beautiful girl prowling the farmer's market, looking for fresh from the garden bounty. No adventure is complete without a stop at the coffee stand and a linger in the park. Word prompt is: Sweet Delight

The problem: to create the vignette I envision each day, not every vignette is going to be as good as I would like, if I am in the photograph. Kind of a problem since this is suppose to be a 365 day self-portrait project.

She was no longer on the edge of seventeen, but she was not too old to live an adventurous life. Word Prompt is: Edge

I wrestled with the problem for at least a week. Many of my daily Morning Page writings were filled with ideas for a solution. I could soldier on and keep myself in the photographs and settle for mediocre on some days, which would not bring me happiness. I knew that for certain, having already done a few of those. Or...

She loves quiet mornings spent journaling and drinking tea - She is a plant killer, so her daughter has taken over their care - She loved to read - She loves to collect vintage cameras - She is not above bribing the dog so he will pose with her.  Word prompt is: Five Things

I could restart the 365 day photography project on September 1st. As much as I hated the idea of losing a month's worth of work, and some photos that I really loved, the need to keep this creative happiness that I had found, overrode the loss of that work.

So starting today, September 1, 2015, I am beginning anew my 365 photography project called Her Life in Vignettes (working title). Some photos I will be in, some I won't, but each photo will tell a story, which is what I am most excited about. I will be using the prompts from Ali Edward's 31 Things for the month of September and the first day of October.

Just the two of them. More adventures behind them than ahead of them, but that's alright, they are content to sit quietly together and watch the grass grow.  Word Prompt is: Two

While it might seem defeating to some that I wasted a whole month, for me it was a month of discovery. I never would have found this direction if I hadn't of jump into a self-portraiture 365 project with both feet.

And it is totally alright to make changes along the way, that is how you discover your truest passions and stay true to yourself.


  1. Well good for you! I don't look at it as starting over, but taking a different fork in your journey.
    You lost nothing, but gained a whole lot, more knowledge and sense of self and your direction.
    You go girl!

  2. Oh, not defeat at all! Just discovery...you've opened up a whole new world of creativity. You still have a direction and a plan, and I'm excited to see where you go on your new road. You have a storyteller's imagination -- I have loved your little photo-stories so far and can't wait to see more.

  3. Love your process of self-discovery, Sarah. There are no rules. You get to make them. And I'm glad you've chosen to start anew. You have not lost a month, you have gained a lifetime!

    I love vignettes based on photographs. That's my way of melding images and words. You have been doing this for quite some time, but I think you are embarking on laser-focusing that talent.

  4. PS The image of you at your desk with Riley (is that right?) is wonderful. I think the black and white makes it so striking. And yes, it tells a story. It's how I see you.

  5. I love the new direction you're headed in. I always enjoy your story telling!

  6. I'll be joining you Sarah as I too have signed up for Ali's class. I want to continue with a prompt and to explore using writing as well. A long time ago I composed art journal pages in the form of digital work and I want to create small art/photography images. You must follow your heart as far as your creative life is concerned and that work is not lost. I'm so looking forward to seeing where your path leads.

  7. I hear your heart and I think Her Life in Vignettes is more than perfect.

  8. It does not seem like a wasted month to me... self discovery and growing is the most important part. You have some wonderful photos!

  9. Nothing is lost when you find a new path. You inspire and encourage all of us with your willingness to explore and learn new things. I love all of captures today but the third one could be on a magazine cover.

  10. It is never a waste of time when you are creating and learning new things

  11. Just remember, "There are no mistakes or failures, only lessons." ~ Dennis Waitley

    That month wasn't a waste, it helped you to create your great new idea, one that you love and are excited about. That was truly worth a month of selfie practices.

  12. I have been enjoying watching your story unfold on Instagram. This doesn't seem like starting over, to me - a slight change in rules, maybe. It's really great that you're setting goals for yourself and learning so much in the process. That's really what it's about. I look forward to the next part of your story! :-)

  13. I like it when people take on unique projects like this. I enjoyed the vigenettes very much. Keep up the good work.

  14. But that is one of the things I find so inspiring and entertaining with your blog - you take a project and make it your own. Taking on a challenge, learn the rules, then bend them, and grow as a photographer and writer in the process. Hardly a defeat and certainly not a 'fail'.

  15. I get ideas from you . . . and that is a very good thing.
    It stirs up my sometimes dusty, stuffy brain . . .
    Love the pic with your arm around "Dog Love."

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  17. I love that you challenge yourself and seek perfection. Your captures are always so amazing and a joy to see pop up in my blog roll, Keep at it and don't give up, your brilliant!

  18. Discovery is wonderful, change can be wonderful, and being true to yourself is wonderfully essential!!
    I love seeing your stories,explorations, and vignettes. They (you) are very inspiring, Sarah!

  19. Oh, this sounds wonderful. So uniquely you! I love it.

  20. Yes! by all means one must make changes along the way. You are learning and inspiring others!


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