Thursday, August 14, 2014

5 Random Friday Finds

All my finds this week are from the Port Oneida Fair that we attended last weekend up in Sleeping Bear Dunes. It was Mallory's last day of her internship so we got celebrate her hard work of the summer and spend some time exploring as well.

Each year, on the second Friday and Saturday in August, you can take a step back in time at the Port Oneida Fair and experience life as it was in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Imagine the life of the pioneers as you help bale hay or watch a broom-maker at work. Learn about spinning, basket weaving, soap making, butter making, candle dipping, and fur trapping. Listen as park rangers and local history experts share the area's history. Watch as teams of oxen and horses cut, load, and haul hay and artists and craftsmen demonstrate their skills.
The fair is held at 6 of the historic farmsteads in Port Oneida. Each farm has a variety of artists, crafts, food, and activities for visitors. Click on the farm names below to see what's happening at each farm. A shuttle bus runs between the farms on a regular schedule during the fair, so you can park your car and easily get around to the different venues.
Find No. 1

I found a rope maker with a young volunteer assistant.

Find No. 2

I found art in a field. This is the poster for this year's fair, set up on an easel in the actual location where the artist painted the original.

Find No. 3

I found old Bingo cards in the one room school house.

Find No. 4

I found a red-head eating watermelon.

Find No. 5

 I found pottery envy. This potter has been at his craft for 41 years. He made 50 bowls the first day of the fair and had made 30 so far on the day that we were there. It takes him 5-10 minutes to make a bowl. These bowls are for a class at the end of August, where the students get to glaze the already made bowls. I want to take this class! I wish I had patience to learn one more craft, but photography and writing have already taken all of it.

Joining Kim for Friday Finds
Joining Tanya for Willy Nilly Friday 5


  1. I love the freckles on that little red-headed boy as he contemplates his slices of watermelon!

  2. I'd say the potter can work with his eyes closed. Love the shot of the watermelon eater!

  3. OMG...the little boy could have been my hubby so many years ago! That hair, that's his! This fair looks so fun. Love the photo on the easel.

  4. Looks like a wonderful fair! That shot of the red head really is fantastic!

  5. Wonderful FINDS . . . Wonderful photos!

  6. fabulous shots this week.... that little boy with the watermelon.... what an amazing shot...... love the freckles.....
    also love the easel.... in the field.....

    wonderful finds....each week Sarah... have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Thanks, Sarah! I really enjoyed visiting the fair through your photos.

  8. This looks like the most fun event! All the photos tell great stories but I think my favorite has to be the red-haired, very freckled boy eating watermelon. :-D

  9. Great finds, Sarah !
    Love that poster ... and how you've captured that boy eating watermelon !
    Looks like a great fair ...
    Have a nice weekend,

  10. hi Sarah, wow this looks like my kindda fair! I always keep away from the fairs here with all the rides, cotton candy and crowds. Yours looks like a step back in time when things were simpler ... nice!

  11. Great finds! I've never seen rope being made - the little boy looks like he is really into it! Love the potter's image too, so awesome seeing an artist creating.

  12. You've found some wonderful finds here, especially the potter!

  13. Super finds ! I love the poster in the field !

  14. See what 41 years of practice does for one's craft...o.k. the way I figure it I've got 26 mores years of photography lessons and learning to perfect my craft..
    Looks like a fun day at the Fair...we have ours in the much fun.

  15. This looks like a wonderful fair! I've never seen rope made by hand, pretty interesting! I love the picture in the field and that fact that it was placed at the spot where painted! Great and fun finds this week!

  16. The fair looks like a fun place! I enjoy historical places with demonstrations from the time period. It really makes me appreciate all of our modern conveniences. I love the picture of the picture right where the original was created. A pottery class would be fun. :)


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