Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Thoughts on Vacation and Photography

I have to admit as I loaded 600+ photos from our vacation onto my external hard drive on Sunday that I felt a bit unfilled in my photographic accomplishments.

Part of the problem was that I saw SO many things that I would have loved to stop and take pictures of as we traveled along, but when it is going to take you 8, 9 or 11 hours to get to your next destination you don't have a lot of time for leisurely stops. So I did the best I could, getting out of the car every time we stopped for gas, and taking a few shots.

In the age of cellular phones, you don't see to many phones like this anymore. This one was located in North Dakota.

While traveling I did drink in as many details with my eyes as I could, remembering them for the future.
The abandoned houses, the shacks leaning at such an angle that I am surprised they continue to stand. My favorite was a boarded up Catholic church of a rusty salmon color on a hilltop on US 2 in Montana. That one will haunt me for a while.

As we traveled along some ideas were born, some things that I am excited to work on this fall. Things that I will share when the time is right.

My saving grace was my iPhone. I am so glad that I started Big Picture Classes Phone Photography class before I left for vacation. It got me using my phone for pictures on a daily basis, so the thought process was natural by the time we left for vacation. I didn't do very good following their daily prompts, but the first one, from where I stand, stuck hard. On July 1st, I started taking a picture of someplace that I am standing every day. I thought it would be a great thing for vacation to document where we were each day. I figured if I could make it all the way through July, I might actually be able to do a 365 project of that, so that is a goal I am aiming for.

On most of our hikes, I didn't take my dSLR, I just took my iPhone. So much less to carry, and I was very happy with the results thanks to all the amazing apps. out there. So in future posts about our vacation you will probably see as many iPhone pictures as you do of pictures taken with my big girl camera. I never thought I would say that.

I found that with my iPhone photos I used those mostly to tell a story, hence a lot of collages using the app. PicFrame. With my dSLR I focused more on the beauty of the surroundings.

If anything this trip has made me more determined than ever to follow my passion for photography and blogging and continue to grow and improve both on my dSLR and my iPhone.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip and I like the idea of an I-phone class...I think I'll look into that...and yes, way less weight...
    I did follow you on your trip and it looked wonderful...I have the app PicFrame and love it...
    So glad you got to enjoy your time away and now you can share with us...

  2. Sarah, I enjoyed following your iPhone photos and look forward to seeing some of your 600 photos. I still haven't done much with our Michigan pictures from last fall. Hope to hear more of your ideas and passion for photography.

  3. Sounds fantastic I'm so looking forward to your trip reports....

  4. I do not have an iphone and each time I see photos from them I wish I did-following your trip is great armchair travel, I like the others look forward to more...

  5. Great ideas for using both cellphone and dslr. I know what you mean about having to pass by some things that you would like to capture. 600+ photos! You will be very busy for a while - have fun! :-)

  6. I am so glad you had a great trip. I will be looking forward to your posts. I started using my phone a bit more... still need to push myself.

  7. Fun! I love Montana! Especially Western Montana. My husband and I will be headed to Middle Thompson Lake in a few weeks. I love that you're using your iPhone. Your photos tell such an interesting story!

  8. You've gathered some great insights (pardon the pun) while traveling. I know that feeling of wanting to take a photo, yet being on the fast bus and having to let it go. Something I do for myself when I want to take a photo and can't, for any reason, is to say or think "snap". I'm registering in my head that it was a good photo. It's like increasing skills even when you can't. I would have been snapping my head off if I were with you.
    I sitll have been unable to find love with my iphone. Maybe I need one of those classes to get me going. So many people-and you seem to have joined the club-create amazing photos with them.
    As for the 365, you could totally do that. My current one runs out at the end of August. I'm starting a new one on Sept 1. If you have any interest in joining me, you're welcome too. We could travel side by side.
    I do think it's good that sometimes you couldn't shoot. It seems a good idea to be present in the moment and just drink it in without a camera stuck to your face. You see more that way.
    Happy day Sarah....and good luck processing 600+ pics. It's overwhelming. Come up for air now and then.

  9. I have enjoyed your vacation posts, and appreciate and understand your thoughts on snapping pix when you are out and about. I find it really challenging - self-consciousness, practicality (esp when on a bike or driving...even hiking: I took my iPhone with me on my last hike, which was strenuous. I need prescription sunglasses...just guessing without them!)

    I look forward to your posts...take your time and let the ideas gel.


  10. It sounds like you had a great trip and I can't wait to see some of the 600plus photos you took....I too get frustrated while traveling if I am not able to get some shots that I see that look really interesting....I am getting better with remembering to use my IPhone but I think I might need to take a class such as you did before your trip...

  11. I look forward to seeing your ideas emerge over the next few months! I think when you take large volumes of photos it's best to take your time with them - there's no need to rush. I can't get into using my phone so I've been trailing my camera almost everywhere with me.

  12. Since I don't have vacation until was fun going vicariously with you! I am overdue for a new phone so once I get upgraded, I may be more enthusiastic about phone photography! You are inspiring...

  13. I've enjoyed your vacation pictures and hope we'll see many more. You make me wish I had a phone that takes pictures! Keep up the 365, I'm taking one of my feet each day. Since I haven't been too many places, it is starting to get a little boring! Solution...I need to get out more!

  14. Yeah, our travel companions rarely understand the need for photos or why one is different from another. "Didn't you just take that one two feet ago?" "Yes, but this one is completely different!" Driving along tree-lined roads especially frustrates me because you just can't go slowly enough to capture all the magic. I almost wish I could walk.


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