Friday, November 16, 2012

5 On Friday

Since the theme of the 52 week project that I participate in was "Happy" this week, I thought I would list 5 things that make me happy.

1.  My Family

This picture was taken in July 2011 when we were in Alaska. It is the most recent picture I have of the three of us together. Going to have to work on that!

2. Photography

I feel like I have grown so much this year in my photography skills. Still lots of room to grow, but the best part is practicing.

3. Exploring

I have been participating in a friend's link up called Walk and Click Wednesdays and I have to tell you I LOVE going out and exploring new places and taking pictures. There are so many places in my own area that I have never been to, so I finally have the reason I need to visit them.

4. Walking the Dogs

This makes them very happy too, and when Scout is happy and tired he isn't grabbing my socks or my slippers from the closet or the kitchen towel from the counter.

5. Wine

I love to visit wineries with my husband. I love the whole process of tasting, trying to find something that we both like, and then enjoying it together at home with a nice meal.

What is something that makes you happy?

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  1. What makes me happy is visiting blogs of great people like you! Your pics tis week make me smile...I identify with every single thing that makes you happy, for sure! Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Family would have to be #1 for me too, Sarah!

  3. All great things to make a person happy!

  4. Hi Sarah,
    Your pets are so precious :) I completely agree with #2 as well. I feel nice when I look back and see how I've grown over the past year.
    Hope you have a great weekend.

  5. Life is good! Beautiful family Sarah. Great post.

  6. So nice to read such a happy list! I like the family photo and it's funny that your daughter has a camera with her! Maybe she gets that interest from Mom?

  7. Love your 5 on Friday, Sarah. I'Ve recently started to participate in a doggy play date meetup with Kobi. We both get to make new friends. So much fun! Thanks for the shout out! ;->

  8. Such wonderful photos. I love the theme you used. I do love to visit wineries as well.

    Thank so much for stopping by my blog and leaving me such a kind comment.

  9. What a great list! I especially liked the one about going out and about on Wednesday's to explore your own area. Inspiring idea!

  10. Love happy things and this is such a great list. Love your family shot and I'm just the same as you with my camera and exploring. :)

  11. Great shots. I like exploring also. Nice to be back...


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