Monday, October 22, 2012

Follow Your Passions

Last Wednesday I loaded up my car with my photo props and ventured off for an afternoon of following my passions.

What are my passions? Photography, nature, old buildings and walking in the woods. Photo editing is quickly becoming a passion, three months ago I would never have felt comfortable shooting in RAW, now I prefer it. Oh, what a little knowledge and confidence will do for a girl.

I had no clear destination in mind when I set out Wednesday. But after a quick stop at my parents' house, I found myself drawn to a County park across the river from their house.

When I arrived at the park, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was the only person there. Which was delightful for the sense of peace and quiet, but yet sad, sad that on a beautiful Autumn afternoon no one else felt compelled to get outside and enjoy God's naturally designed masterpiece. 

As I was getting out my fresh from the Farmer's Market pumpkin to set on a bench for some still life shots, an older gentleman pulled into the parking lot on his stylish motorized bicycle.

I noticed him take a snapshot of the Weaver House and I thought to myself "ah, a kindred soul". As I got my tripod out he approached me and we started to talk about photography, cameras and photo editing programs, all subjects near and dear to my heart. This conversation turned to talk about passions and doing the things you really want to do.

He shared with me that he has a passion for taking Conversion Vans and turning them into mini traveling recreational vehicles. He had just seen one for sale and was really having the itch to buy it and  start working on it. I, of course, told him he should do it. Follow your passion!

He also shared with me that would love to take it and travel to Seattle to see a sister and then to San Francisco to see his other sister. He said his wife loves to ride and they have the time to go on this great adventure. So Bob and Mrs. Bob follow your passions and have a great adventure. I want to see some great snapshots when you get back.


Lissa at laf custom designs - for creating Walk and Click Wednesdays - it has been a great motivator for me to take Wednesdays, get outside, go for a walk and take pictures.

Denise at New Mercies I See - for her Three Gifts blog series. It has taught me to look for gifts wherever I am. I don't know if Bob was put there as a gift for me or I was a gift for Bob, but I feel that we both were truly blessed.

Bob - for a wonderful conversation just when I needed it most.


  1. Love the pumpkin picture! Sounds like you and Bob were both meant to meet each other for inspiration!

  2. Isn't amazing talking to a kindred spirit I love youe photowalk I'll try one on Wednesday weather permitting....

  3. Such a great experience. I bet Bob enjoyed meeting you and sharing as much as you did him :)


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