Friday, September 14, 2012

5 Findings Friday - A Dog Theme

1. I found that dog bath time is always interesting...see previous post.
2. I found that when walking this morning with the dogs I could have used mittens. Two days ago when we walked just as early I was in shorts, a t-shirt and sweating. Michigan weather...everyday is different!
3. I found that we walk much faster in the dark. I think because there are less distractions for the dogs to  see to tinkle on.

4. I found that it is a good thing I took a picture of my yellow item for Walk and Click Wednesday on Monday, because Wednesday afternoon when we walked I saw that the roadside mower had come through and there wasn't a Black-Eyed Susan in sight.

5. I found that mourning doves like to have their picture taken too. In the time between when I saw this shot with only two birds in it, to stopping, dropping the poo, stepping on the leashes and whipping out my phone, two birds had become four birds. I would have preferred three or five birds, but I guess I would hate to break up a lasting relationship.

Have a wonderful weekend:)


  1. I know odd numbers are good, but I really like the 4 birds.

  2. Hi your doggies and such a great capture of the birds on a wire!!

  3. Fun the birds on a wire!

  4. Great minds think alike. My 5 Facts this week were horse related! Love your pups.

  5. Your dogs make me smile...and like the rest of the post too.

  6. The look on your dogs faces are so cute! Those eyes would get me every time! I love what you did with the mourning dove photo! Imagine all the photo ops we would miss if we weren't out walking our dogs!

  7. I really like the mourning dove photo. Great excuse to take photos.


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