Photography Projects

On October 31, 2016 I began working on small personal photography projects. It started out as 52 weeks of shooting at the grocery store, which then turned into 52 week of retail excursions, which has now evolved into small personal projects, because life gets in the way sometimes and you have to learn to adjust to what works for you, but to also not give up. Hopefully this is where it will stay, but one thing I have learned about myself, is that I will keep fine tuning something until it fits me perfectly.

I am posting this project on Adobe Spark, enjoying the format thus far, beautifully laid out photos with the opportunity for brief stories. I guess we will see how this thing evolves.

Here are the individual links to each project:

Everyday Excursions - November 2016




Snow Fences

Going Downtown



Being a Maker

Loon Lake


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  1. I love the self portraits on the beach! I've been wanting to do this, but haven't been brave enough - although, in reality, if I witnessed this I would just think that the person was working on some kind of project. Good for you - the photos are awesome!


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